What happens at conference…

Conference Poster

My time in Baltimore came to an end this past Friday, and I was so sad to leave the city and all of the awesome people I met while I was there. I have a ton of pictures and stories to post, but I’m currently trying to get caught up on all the homework and duties I left behind for three days!

So while I’m busy gathering myself for the coming week and writing a post that’s coherent enough to go up here, I’ll just leave you with a few pictures I took! There are plenty more on the way, but I hope for now these will give you a taste of my experience at my first ever AOTA conference!

This is the entrance to the HUGE Expo area at the Conference when it reopened on Friday morning. There were hundreds of booths, vendors, and educational posters as well as thousands of conference attendees! And this was AFTER the big opening ceremony on Thursday night!

Expo Entrance
So much free stuff, so little time!


These are pictures of the living room and central hangout area of the Baltimore Hostel I stayed in. I had never stayed at a hostel before my trip, and while I was a little nervous about sharing a co-ed room with a bunch of strangers, it actually turned out to be a great stay! It turns out that several of the people in my room were in town for the conference, and we had some great conversations about OT school, conference events and Baltimore before we parted ways. It wasn’t always the most comfortable of places — it was BLAZING HOT on my last night there because it was raining and cold out and the staff turned on the gas heaters and radiators full blast. >.<  But it was clean, safe and the people were friendly. It was also only about $30 a night, which was great for me! And the parking was probably the cheapest in the city. So, in case you’re ever in town alone and looking for a cozy, quiet place to crash, check out the HI-Baltimore.

Hostel Common Area
The history behind this place was fascinating, and so were the decorations.
Hostel Living Room
This was a pretty cozy hangout, with a great view of the city from the front window and comfy couches all over the place.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very brief sneak peek, and I’m looking forward to writing about the rest of my experiences soon!



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