April is National OT Month and Poetry Month

This is a wonderful poem and explanation about what occupational therapy is (and is not) that I wanted to share! I had never seen this blog before, but I’ll definitely be following now!

Joan T. Warren

April: Not a month for fools! Pull a prank on the first, but the rest of the month is National Poetry Month and National OT Month.

Most of us know what poetry is, but what is OT? An occupational therapist myself, I can say a little something about that!

Let’s start with some spring cleaning and air out the room with what occupational therapy is NOT:

  • OT is nothelping a person find a job and get back to work (though it could include that)
  • OT is not physical therapy (though it includes physical rehabilitation and exercise)
  • OT is not weaving baskets (though we started that way, helping injured Civil War soldiers find their usefulness again)
  • OT is not playing with children (though, if we are doing our job well, it feels like play to the child!)
  • OT is not making crafts in the psych ward (there is a method to their madness!)
  • OT is nota therapist prescribing…

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2 thoughts on “April is National OT Month and Poetry Month

  1. Joan T Warren May 2, 2014 / 7:27 am

    Thanks for the reblog and follow! Nice to find you too.

  2. lej1123 May 2, 2014 / 5:52 pm

    Of course! And I enjoyed reading your blog — the variety of poems, original writings and posts you have make it a very interesting read!

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