To Friend or Not to Friend…

So it’s summertime and I just finished an 8-month long volunteer/OT intern position at a pediatric therapy clinic. I learned a lot while I was there, but most importantly I met some AMAZING therapists and staff! Since I’ve just graduated and I’m moving away to go to graduate school, I probably won’t meet them again until I get ready to do fieldwork.

I feel like I developed positive personal relationships with all of the people I worked with, and I would like to stay abreast of important developments in their lives as well as keeping them informed about my progression through OT school (and life). However, I’m not sure what the appropriate thing to do is in this situation.

I have friended several of my previous employers, but only in cases where I was no longer working for or with them. I feel that being Facebook friends before ending the employer-employee relationship is inappropriate – unless your employer, coworkers or company social media makes it clear that it is a normal policy.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do, but I’m thinking that I’ll probably just email my main supervisor and ask her if she’s comfortable becoming friends. Maybe a little formal, but I’m more comfortable putting the ball in her court and seeing what happens from there!


Have you ever been in a similar situation and been uncertain about “social media etiquette”? Have you friended former or current supervisors?

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