“Gotta Get Into Grad School” Series


I’m starting a new “Gotta Get Into Grad School” series as a way to share and hopefully help others benefit from my recent experiences applying to occupational therapy graduate schools. I applied to schools during the 2013-14 application cycle, so the information and suggestions I have regarding personal essays, interviews, OTCAS, recommendations and all other parts of the application process are highly relevant and pretty up-to-date! Much of my advice comes from my own personal experience with the application process, but a great deal of it also comes from my college’s Career Center, professional mentors and faculty advisors.

Thankfully, I made it through the whole grad school application mess and you can too!

This series is not meant to be a definitive guide to applying to graduate school – there are plenty of websites, books and other resources dedicated to this topic and I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel! I just know what it felt like to be totally floundering in a sea of occupational therapy application materials, essays and interviews and not knowing what to do or where to begin, and I want to hopefully help others avoid that sinking feeling.

Ultimately, I hope that this series will help people who are applying to occupational therapy graduate programs, but my advice is also generalizable to people applying to any number of other positions or programs. So if you’re looking for help from somebody who’s been through it all before, you’re in the right place!

Stay tuned for the first installment of the series, coming next week! (Since apparently the weekends are a terrible time to post blogs, lol.)

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