Gotta Be OT’s Gotta See OT Student Blogs!

Another week of OT school began a few days ago, and after being in a very active, busy Fieldwork I setting in an acute hospital setting last week, getting back into the classroom rhythm has been pretty difficult. I was up until 2 AM last night doing reading and preparation for class, and I was up at 7:30 AM to make sure I caught the bus on time. After that, my morning class had a very enlightening panel of practitioners speaking about acute inpatient and rehab settings, and then we discussed our next fieldwork assignments (!!!). My afternoon class was 4 hours long, and after I got back home I just laid down and crashed. 😛

OT school is tough, man! I almost feel like I’m back in high school, with the rigid scheduling, intense workload and early mornings. But it’s all gonna be worth it in the end! I’m still organizing my ideas and writing up blog posts about the things I learned and saw while I was on fieldwork, but I’m hoping to have all that up soon!

Anyway, while I was taking a break from my anatomy homework, I started searching for information about OT Fieldwork that I could either link to or that readers might find useful. The last part of my first Fieldwork I rotation ends after one week in November, so I’ve been trying to locate resources to help me get the most out of it. Although I did end up finding some interesting articles/blog posts about fieldwork experiences (which I’ll probably write a post about later), most of what I found was in a lot of cool OT student blogs!

Although many of them have kind of been abandoned by their authors – I’m sure they’re on to bigger, busier things after school! – the archived blog posts still have a lot of really great information for people who are looking into occupational therapy as a career. Just because their school experiences didn’t happen recently doesn’t mean they didn’t happen! And honestly, most individual programs don’t change much from year to year, with the exception of programs like mine that are currently undergoing a curriculum shift….Still, there are blogs from students all over the world out there, and I’ve rounded up just a few that I remember looking at when I was investigating OT as a career and even while I was applying to graduate schools.

I also just wanted to mention that there are many, many, MANY other current blogs that are written by practicing occupational therapists, and these can be found with a simple Google search. However, I will say that I feel like there is a dearth of personal blogs and information out there on topics and areas of specialization OTHER than pediatrics (especially school-based OT), except on “generalist” websites like Advance for OT ( ) that feature columns and news from all different areas of practice. But a huge part of what makes these student blogs (and archives) so great is that they feature student perspectives on a wide variety of settings because of the wide variety of student fieldwork placements.

Note: Many of the links I’ve provided go directly to the each blog, but some go to posts geared towards new OT students I found helpful. I suggest checking out the archives and skimming several of the posts from the beginning, middle and end of each blogger’s journey to get a true feel for the life of an OT student! Again, several of these blogs may not be currently active, but the archives have a great wealth of information about master’s level occupational therapy programs and student life! And some continue to be updated.

Miss Awesomeness OT:

Karen has been blogging since 2007, and she is such an amazing writer and storyteller! I love going to her blog for inspiration, or just to learn more about her journey. She’s the reason I started blogging and telling my story, and I hope you’ll find her site as informative and interesting as I do!

Life Lessons from OT:

This particular post is advice for new OT students, and it’s good stuff! She doesn’t write as frequently, but now this blogger is practicing in Puerto Rico! Her new Tumblr is here:, her first language is Spanish, so she has blog posts and a Tumblr in Spanish as well (you can find the links on the English blog and Tumblr).

M-OT Student Blog:

This blogger went to LSU in Lousiana, so if that’s a place you’re interested in going you might want to check her out! She includes lots of great pictures in many of her posts, and is a thoughtful writer and thinker.

My OT Student Blog:

Blogs from Schools & Programs

A couple of other student blogs I checked out were from USC and NYU Steinhardt’s occupational therapy programs. Of course, they may not be giving a totally, brutally honest view of the challenges and struggles OT students face because of their affiliated nature, but they do have a lot of good information about professional development, learning moments, student life different areas of practice and – of course – each program!

The USC Mrs. T. H. Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Admissions Blog:

NYU Steinhardt Department of Occupational Therapy:

I hope this list of blogs will be useful to anyone who is investigating occupational therapy, and please feel free to comment and add any other blogs you found helpful!

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