Fieldwork FAILS.

“Life happens.”

This is what I was told by one of the kindest, coolest OTs in the hospital where I’m currently doing FWI, as I struggled in out of the cold 2 hours late and looking for my supervisor. While she paged him and let him know that his lost sheep had finally arrived, I was able to relay the story of what went on this morning for her benefit.

Basically, this week of fieldwork has been one big fat mess after another for me, and it’s been really terrible!

First, on Monday, I randomly almost passed out while we were with a client and walking him around the floor. It happened in like 10 seconds — one minute I was standing there, listening to my CI (clinical instructor), and the next my head was spinning and I was stumbling over to the nurses’ station to sit down and try to collect myself. For whatever reason, at that particular moment I was overtaken by a sudden spell of nausea, dizziness, and hot and cold flashes that really had me feeling sick. It was AWFUL. When he finished with the client, my CI came over and asked if I was okay. At that point, I was feeling pretty strange and lightheaded, so he walked me over to the nearby Student Health clinic and left me there to sort things out. A couple of hours later, I was discharged and told that I should probably take a snack with me on future days.

…I missed half a day of fieldwork to be told that my blood sugar was low? REALLY???

And then, just because Wednesday didn’t want to get outdone, things got even worse this morning!

I went down to my car to leave this morning, found that it was covered in ice, and emailed my CI to let him know that I would meet him a little later than we had planned. At this point, everything went to hell.

I went back to my apartment to find something to scrape with, and when I did I happened to close the door of my car. With the keys in the ignition. And the car running and heat going FULL BLAST. Upon realizing this, I died a little inside and seriously considered just punching the window out of the car in my frustration. Instead, I just went upstairs, woke my (peacefully sleeping and very kind) roommate up at 7:30 AM, asked to use her phone, and went to work with an unbent wire hanger trying to let myself into my car!

After a half hour of fail, my roommate came out and gave me her phone and spare key. I’ve only known this girl for four months, and already she’s done so much for me! Today might have actually been her finest act of kindness yet. With her phone, I managed to call my mom – the only local number I have memorized – and informed her about my sad situation. I then waited another hour and a half for her to contact our insurer, get THEM to call a locksmith, and have the locksmith arrive around 9:20. And then watch the locksmith basically use a larger, slightly thicker piece of metal to do the same thing I had been doing for the past hour, with the exceptional difference bring that he actually succeeded in getting the door open.

Again, FAIL.

Finally, I drove my car to the site and eventually found myself telling the whole crazy thing to the kind therapist I mentioned earlier. She was simultaneously shocked, sad for me, and certain that “life happens” and the best thing we could do was just move past it! We then had a lovely time talking about her significant other and his life as a fisherman, and just like that it was all water under the bridge.

If nothing else, my long, sad story should just let you know that whatever your fieldwork experience ends up being like, it’s probably not going to be as bad as this! And God bless you if it is…cause it might be time to find a new career. 😛

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