A Part of the “CommunOT”!

Comment from Karen OT
A comment from one of my OT heroes, Karen Dobyns of http://www.missawesomeness.com!

Oh my gosh! It’s finally finals time and it’s been such a crazy week for me here! I have three separate papers/assignments due on Monday, one 6-8 page paper on Wednesday, and a million other things to do before the semester ends. So much homework, so little time!

But forget about homework, let’s talk about how cool it is that other OTs are spreading the word about my blog and supporting my writing! The world of OT is a pretty small one (but getting bigger all the time!), and ever since I decided I wanted to become an occupational therapist I’ve been following many of the “big name” bloggers, writers, thinkers, and practitioners in the field. OT Obsession Confession: At one point, I even made a Twitter for the sole purpose of meeting up with one of my OT heroes at conference. (#stalker)

Although I have gained a (semi-serious) reputation as an OT stalker with my classmates, all of the time I spend online reading, writing, and reaching out is just because I am so passionate about what OTs do and what I’m studying. And that’s why I almost died multiple times this week when I checked my blog’s email inbox and saw that not one, not two, but THREE different OTs who I’ve followed online/admired from afar at some point had featured my blog on theirs, tweeted about me, or left a comment! They’ve all said super nice things, and it’s awesome to know that experienced professionals in the field think that what I have to say matters. I’ve had a bit of a rough week personally, so just seeing something like a brief comment on my blog or a tweet inviting readers to check the blog out really meant a lot. And it inspires me to keep writing and thinking and reaching out!

AbbyOT and Bill Wong Twitter
I’m Twitter famous now, in case you didn’t know. 🙂

And, since I want to return the favor for all of these wonderful people, here are the links to their respective blogs & social media accounts! All of them have very engaging perspectives and points of view on OT practice, and lots of wonderful recommendations for therapists and therapy students. Definitely worth a look!

Karen Dobyns (aka Miss Awesomeness [which is a totally fitting moniker!]): www.missawesomeness.com

Abby “Pediatric OT” (OT Cafe Blog): http://abbypediatricot.blogspot.com/

Bill Wong: https://twitter.com/billwongot

2 thoughts on “A Part of the “CommunOT”!

  1. Karen December 17, 2014 / 9:35 pm

    Love your “CommunOT” ahahaaha. Lauren, I feel you on the passion. Sometimes OT school will feel overwhelming (and um, afterwards too, haha), but always remember its the FOUNDATION of OT that is your passion, and that never, ever changes, even when people/environment might. Also – I have gotten some phenomenal letters over the years from blog readers, many of whom had lurked for 5+ years. Even a single one of those letters will make it all worth it. I have no doubt you will receive those (if you haven’t already) in your future. I’m not saying a daily flood, but some. You are helping way more people than you realize, whether you have the comments or not. I promise.

  2. lej1123 December 22, 2014 / 12:48 am

    Haha, I’m always trying to fit OT into any word possible…just ask my friends and family!! 🙂
    Also, I’m really glad that I finally stopped lurking and got brave enough to reach out to awesomely encouraging and inspiring OTs like you!

    Your words made me tear up, and I’m definitely going to remember your kindness and support on days when OT school (and after!) gets crazy! If I didn’t have any of those letters yet, I certainly do now. Thanks, Karen, and I hope you have a very happy holiday! 🙂

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