A Lonely Road

I would like to take a moment on my blog to remember my great aunt “G,” whose funeral was today. She was a funny, intelligent, hardworking woman who did not deserve to die the painful, premature death that she did. Cancer is a bitch and a terrible, horrible, life-wrecking disease and this is the second time in my life a close family member has lost the fight against it. I know I’m not the only person whose life has been touched by cancer and all of the evils it brings, that I’m just one of many people who are suffering either emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise as a result of its insidious fingers reaching into my life. Still, that doesn’t make it hurt any less or feel any less lonely this holiday season. I hope that anyone else out there who has been affected by cancer in any way reads this and knows that I believe God is watching over you and yours, and that He will guide your lives according to His plan. It is a very painful thing to endure, the long, uncertain road to a future in which sickness or health is not promised, but with God one never travels alone.

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