These Are a Few of My Favorite Things! :D

DogTag Bakery Cupcakesdogtag 2

I saw this awesome article about three of my favorite things in the world – baked goods, veterans, and transition planning – and just had to share it! As I’ve mentioned before, I really want to work with veterans in the future, and the mission of the DogTag Bakery echoes exactly what I want to do – helping veterans transition successfully into post-military life and make the most of the many talents they have in more “typical” workplaces.

Veterans are often thanked for their service overseas, but they’re also often forgotten when it comes time for them to transition into civilian life. Although they have a wide variety of skills and plenty of knowledge to offer, many vets have trouble knowing how to find jobs, conduct themselves in a civilian workplace, or even learn what kind of career they might like to have after the military. Many others entered the military at a young age and did not receive the kind of advanced education that is necessary to obtain and succeed in many “private sector” jobs. With the DogTag Bakery program, vets are learning “the ins and outs of running a business and the art of baking” AND earning a certificate in business administration! And the fact that it’s part of a work-study collaboration with well-known Georgetown University is even more amazing! More colleges and universities are developing programs for veterans and their unique needs, and it’s great that they’re beginning to understand and work with this group.

Next month, my OT program is going to be hosting an occupational therapist who works with a local branch of the Wounded Warriors program, and I am SO. BEYOND. EXCITED to hear what she has to say and about her experiences working with vets! I’ll be sure and post about it when it happens. I can’t wait until a couple years from now when I’ll officially be an OT and I can finally dive into my dream career…but until then I’ll just keep reading articles and noting potential job opportunities, lol. I’m planning a trip to visit friends in D.C. in a couple weeks, and when I go I’m definitely going to try and make a trip to see this place in person when I go!

Photo Credit: Cupcake Image from Veteran DIY website.

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