VideOT: The Many Faces of Occupational Therapists

This VideOT pick is another awesome creation by The University of British Columbia’s Master of Occupational Therapy program. In the video, UBC’s MOT class of 2014 “takes you on a tour of six common health care facilities to illustrate what OTs do.”

I love this video because it’s a short, sweet way to explain to people who are unfamiliar with the profession the wide range of places occupational therapists work and the multiple populations they serve. The video includes a wide range of clients, from a premature infant in a hospital NICU to an elderly man living in a long-term care facility. In the video, the narrators give a brief description of where each OT works, the services they provide for the client, and WHY these services are important. Having all three components in the video is crucial because it lets viewers know not only where OTs can work, but also the kinds of services they provide and the reasons why the OT’s services matter. I think it does a great job of demonstrating OT’s distinct value as a profession that helps people of all ages and stages engage in the occupations that are most important and meaningful to them.

The video also shows the importance of professional collaboration in at least one situation. In the segment about the girl who is having difficulty paying attention in school, the OT is shown communicating with the child’s teacher to make changes and adaptations for her continued success in the classroom. This demonstrates another important aspect of an OT’s job – working with a client’s family, teachers, and employers to help them live life more successfully.

I’m definitely adding a link to this video to my “About Occupational Therapy” page, and I encourage you to share it with others as well!

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