First, FINALS. Then, FREEDOM!!!

Happy OT Month! Or at least it used to be before the end of April arrived and along with it came all of the finals, practicums, papers, and projects I have to do before my first year in OT school is finally done!

In case you’re wondering, here’s a brief rundown of the work I have due by May 1:

  1. Pediatric Case Study: This is a project that has been ongoing throughout the semester. In my pediatric practice class, I was assigned a case study about a child and I have had to reason through and evaluate what I would do if the child was a client of mine. In addition to completing a write-up of my clinical reasoning from start to finish, I’ll be doing a presentation about it in class on Tuesday.
  2. Practicum: I’ll be in a clinical scenario with an actor who is the client, and I have to come prepared (after having read the background on the case) to consult with the client about the issues he is having with a person who lives in a group home. Three of my instructors will be observing, and it’s a comprehensive 15-minute session in which I’m responsible for demonstrating and integrating my knowledge of all the things I’ve learned in my Health Conditions, Pediatric Practice & Interventions, and Life Course Development classes. No pressure.
  3. Research Proposal Paper: I wrote a previous blog post about the literature review I did for the research project I’m designing and implementing as a requirement for my program. This 20-page paper is the research proposal write-up that I would submit if I were actually attempting to conduct a study based on that literature review.
  4. Child Life Paper: My instructor didn’t really make the instructions for this paper super clear (…) but basically I had to meet with/interview a child and describe how his occupations fit into the life course perspective and how things like SES, culture, and cohort impact his life.
  5. Fieldwork Paper, Part 2: I’ve been at two FWI sites this semester, and I wrote the first part of my fieldwork paper based on what I observed at the first site. This second paper is, mercifully, much shorter than that 20 page behemoth, and is basically just a reflection of the experiences I’ve had at the site as viewed through the lens of multiple individual courses.

As you can see, my program is not particularly exam-based, which I really appreciate. Although having to write papers, do research, and give presentations is still pretty stressful, I feel as if what I’m doing will benefit me more and is more reflective of actual practice than a sit-down, Scantron exam. When I begin seeing clients during my FWII placement this fall, I’m going to need to know how to write an evaluation, interact with parents and clients, and provide interventions for a wide variety of people, not just answer questions about readings and fill in the blank ad nauseum. This is just another thing to keep in mind if you’re comparing schools and trying to decide where would be a good fit for you!

Anyway, it’s after 1 AM and I’m still working on the same paper I started working on at like 10 PM. So I’m gonna go. Wish me luck! And the next time I post, I’ll probably be halfway on my way to becoming an OT! 😀

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