32 Ways to Gain Experience for OT School

25 Ways to Gain Experience for OT School

Hello! I’ve been gone from the blog for most of the summer so far, mostly because I didn’t have regular internet access between May and July, and a little bit because I just needed to take a break, relax, and not be behind a computer screen for a while. And although I haven’t posted recently, I’ve still been writing!

My first article for AOTA’s OT Student Pulse e-newsletter went live yesterday, and I’m pretty excited about it! You can read it HERE.

It’s a list of 32 creative ways that prospective and current OT students can gain experience related to OT, and I hope it’ll help students diversify their resumes and learn more about issues, people, and programs that can benefit them when they become occupational therapists. It feels really good to see my work in print, although it is kind of weird to have my pictures on the AOTA website, lol!

One of the benefits of being an AOTA member is receiving the monthly OT Student Pulse newsletter, and I look forward to seeing it in my inbox at the start of every month! The articles are usually pretty relevant to my life as an OT student, and they also include a helpful list of upcoming events and programs in each issue.

If you have an idea for an article you would like to see published, you can submit your article ideas HERE! It was a pretty simple process, but it took about a month after I first submitted the initial draft of my article to complete the editing process and get it published. Keep that in mind if you plan to submit an article of your own.

Here’s to having my first article published by AOTA, and to writing many more over my career!

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