Happy Birthday, Blog! :D

Happy birthday to my blog! Today it is officially one year old! (This picture is of the delicious and awesome argyle patterned cake my boyfriend made for me a few years ago. :D)

One year ago, I decided to take a leap and begin writing as an outlet for my passion for occupational therapy, the world’s coolest profession.

Today, I realized that while I originally began writing with the intent to help others, collecting my thoughts about the OT profession here on this blog has also been very helpful and meaningful to me. Through this blog, I’ve gotten the chance to interact with some of the profession’s biggest movers and shakers, provide helpful advice to prospective students, and help advocate for the profession — all while making friends and having fun exploring the important issues facing our profession today.

I’ve also been able to document the personal and professional progress I’ve  from my first weeks in OT school to now, as my first year comes to a close in just a month. It’s been quite the ride, and I thank anyone and everyone who’s reached out to me, retweeted, posted a kind comment, or offered a different perspective in the past year.  Your support is deeply appreciated, and I hope to continue building relationships, exchanging ideas, and making a difference for a long time!

With that, here’s to another year of writing, reflecting, thinking, and growing! I can’t wait to see (and blog about) what this next year brings!


Tonight’s the night I apparently decided to get a little tech-savvy, so now you can follow my blog with Bloglovin’! From what I can tell, mine is one of the few occupational therapy student-related blogs, so maybe this will help more people find me and learn about the profession — that’s the plan, anyway. 🙂  Click on the photo or the link to follow!

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Oh, hello!

Hello, and welcome to the Gotta Be OT blog! This is my first ever blog post, and I have high hopes for maintaining this blog in the future.

…those are probably Internet-famous last words.

Still, I’m hoping that this blog will eventually become a resource for occupational therapy students, people interested in the field and anyone else in the world wanting to learn more about occupational therapy.

So with that I’ll conclude and start planning blog posts!